General Questions

What is SG Chat?

SG Chat is a localized chat software, and this is the first of its kind that is made locally for Singaporeans. Messages are encrypted, and the servers do not retain any chat records, which makes us one of the most secured chat software

Who is SG Chat for?

The target market for SG Chat is mainly Singapore and the surrounding countries, but it can be downloaded and used worldwide by registering an account using your mobile number.

How is SG Chat different from other chat / messenger?

SG Chat is a regional messaging software where we mainly focus on the users in Singapore. Other than the text, audio and media messaging functions in SG Chat, users will also be able to receive localised lifestyle news.
SG Chat is also one of the software with encryption services, which does not retain any user information or messages on our server. Hence, should there be any breach of server, third parties will not be able to retrieve any user information.

Who are the people behind SG Chat?

SG Chat was developed by a Singaporean company named SingHot Tech Pte Ltd that was founded in 1999. The version 1.0 of the software will be released in February 2022 for users to download and use.

SG Chat Basics

Who can I write to?

After going through testing, SG Chat is available for use. Should you encounter any issues, kindly restart the application and try again, or reinstall the application and login. We also welcome any feedback with regards to any issues or bugs. Please contact us via support@sgchat.sg

Who can contact me?

Should you like to provide us with any comments or feedbacks, please kindly email use at support@sgchat.sg and we will respond to you via our email support.

How do I invite my friends?

Simply login to SG Chat and you will be able to send a link to invite your friends to join SG Chat.

Can I delete my messages?

You may delete your chat records or messages at any time, and you may also delete it for both parties. Our server do not record your message details.

How many maximum limit?

There is no limit to the number of individual chats, as long as the user’s mobile number is saved in your phone contact, you will be able to chat with the user via SG Chat. 

Group Members Limit:

Group chats are limited to 3000 users.

Broadcast Members Limit:

Broadcast function is limited to 3000 users.

Max File Size:

For sending of media and files, it is limited to 60MB

Status & Friendship delete time:

Status are limited to 3 days, and Friendships are limited to 7 days.

About the advertising?

For the development of the application, there will be advertisement placements. However, the advertisements are only shown in the Explore page. The advertisements will be strictly reviewed before it will be displayed, and we do not accept advertisements from any third-party platform.

User privacy

We fully agree to adhere to the user privacy policy and guarantee that no user information will be abused or disclosed to any third party. 

The user’s chat records (including audio and media) in SG Chat are saved locally in the user’s mobile phone, and not in our server. 

What user profiles can we see?

We can see the user’s phone number and uploaded avatar used to register for an account, the date of registration, and the timestamp where the user was last seen online. 

We can also see the time and duration of the voice/video call, but we do not store the content of the call or chat. 


The notification function in SG Chat can be used to broadcast important notice or major disaster in Singapore such as:
– Tsunami
– Warfare
– Earthquake
– Natural disaster
We will not be broadcasting any other matters.


Friendships is for the interaction between friends, to view the latest status update and share the beautiful happenings in your friend’s life. You may also meet more people in the comment section of your friend’s status by interacting with their comment or add them as a friend. 

Users can delete their Friendship status. The status will be available for 7 days and will be automatically deleted after 7 days. 

We do not store the data for Friendship in our server. When a user publish their Friendship status, the data is released through an underlying blockchain technology link, so if the server is being hacked, user information and data will not be leaked, and thus effectively protecting your personal privacy.

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